I have been single Momma this week with Kevin out of town for one of the three weeks he will be gone this summer. We have missed having him here with us, but we have taken this opportunity to spend lots of time cuddling watching movies, doing craft projects, and getting together with friends.

In these friendly get togethers week I have been constantly asked how things are going with girl-girl and if we are any closer to her being “ours”. After my brief and general explanation of the fact that we are no closer legally to her being “ours” I get to share the good stuff. The stuff where I say that although we have not seen anything change legally, we have over the course of the past 16 months seen our faith grow in leaps and bounds. I have said it before and I will continue to say that we know God brought girl-girl into our home for a reason and we believe that she will stay a part of this family, forever.

We have been given a blessing in not having everything go our way legally. We have dug down those roots of our faith a little deeper each step of the way. We have been allowed to share our faith and our hope every time this question of how things are going come up. A privilege we would not have, had things happened in our timing.