More than 2 years ago my family took a giant leap of faith and began fostering with the intent to adopt. There have been many ups and downs as we’ve learned to navigate this process and be open to what else (or who else) God brings along the way. We now have 2 little ones that we are walking this journey out with. It is my hope that by reading this blog you will have a picture of my heart, join us in the ups and downs of this process, and find a friend who understands where you are at in your own journey.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. alyssa5 said:

    Tonight I have seen your blog for the first time. My friend, who is a foster mom, posted link to one of your blogs and I decided to check it out. I am a bio mom whose five children were placed in foster care in two seperate homes because of my struggle with drug addiction. Because of the wonderful foster family (much like your family by the sounds of it) I was able to reunite with my children after seven months and remain sobber for three years now. The foster family was truly sent to me by God. They not only fostered my children but they also fostered me. I resisted them at first but foster mom kept pushing her way into my life by inviting me to church with them, offering to give me more time with my kids and most importantly loving me when I was completely incapable of loving myself no matter how rotten I was. My kids have been home for over two years now and the foster family that was so involved is still involved with my family. We have become one big blended family and the best of friends. Even though they only fostered two of my children they have become second parents to all five of my kids. I love them and my kids love them. My kids even still have bedrooms at their house and have sleepovers frequently! When my kids were taken I thought my life was over but in fact God had big plans for me and NY life was just beginning! I now work for DCYF (Division of Children Youth and Familes the very division that took my kids) as a Parent Consultant mentoring other parents currently involved with having their kids in foster care and also help run a wonderful program through Casey Family Services called Better Together that helps parents foster parents and Child protective workers work better together as a team for the sake of the child and guess what we have been able to reunify more kids with parents and foster parents are staying involved in kids lives more often now after reunification! Its amazing! And without the love and guidance and pushing from foster mom (and God of course) I’m not sure what my life would be now and I’m not sure I want to think about it either! So as a bio mom to a foster mom I just want to say you do make huge differences in the lives of the bio parents you foster along with the kiddos. We may not show it all the time but please don’t let that get you down. The job you do is amazing and selfless and beautiful!

    • Thank you for sharing your story and your heart. Congratulations to you for working so hard to get your family back together and keep them together. I am thankful for the foster family who has become extended family to you! What a beautiful picture for the very best of what can be in foster care! God bless you.

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