On this journey through foster care and adoption it is my constant prayer that God’s glory would be displayed. That the way our cases unfold, and the way we conduct ourselves would point to Him and be examples of His power and love.

More times than I care to admit, things have not gone as we planned. Decisions have been made, delays have taken place, plans have changed. It is in times like this that I remind myself that there can be no miracles if everything goes just as planned. There must be a “problem” in order for a miracle to occur.

We are thick in the battle of another “problem” a setback we had hoped wouldn’t take place. I find myself constantly asking God to once again provide that miracle. The miracle that would take care of this “problem” in our case and also display His glory.

During such a prayer today I realized that in all my prayers for God to shine through us throughout this case, it has always been in the positives. Have I prayed that His love would shine through me when things don’t go as we planned? Has His love shone through me in the trials as well as the victories? Or have I simply and selfishly prayed that things would go as I hoped and dreamed and in that way display God’s glory?

If I have learned anything through these past few years of praying for this case and this girl, it is that God’s timing is perfect and I do not ever see the whole picture. I get that, but I do not always like that. Too often I pray that God’s miracles would conform to my hopes and dreams – to my will.

So today I will begin to pray that God’s glory and love would be displayed through me not only when this case goes as we planned, but even more so when it faces those “problems”. That the way I respond to such problems, and disappointments would be a testimony of the love and grace and power of our God.