So much of our journey through foster care can be summed up in one word – waiting.


Waiting through the home study process to become licensed

Waiting once licensed for that first placement call

Waiting for services to begin

Waiting for that next court date

Waiting for a specialist appointment or evaluation

Waiting for another placement call

Waiting for forever

Waiting for the waiting to end …


Sometimes I find myself so caught up and and so focused on the waiting that it consumes me. It is far to easy to get stuck in the rut of anxiousness, the misery of anxiousness that I miss the joy happening all around me.


The Joy of first giggles

The Joy of a princess tea party with my little girl

The Joy of tucking these sweet kiddos into bed at night

The Joy of goals reached

The Joy of first steps

The Joy of endless hugs and slobbery kisses

The Joy of being Momma to these kids that have completely stolen my heart