Last week we got a placement call for a baby girl with some injuries due to abuse. My heart immediately broke for her and thought about all the what “could-be’s” of caring for  her, Loving her, and helping her heal. I was excited (for lack a better word) about doing something so big, about making a visible impact on this sweet baby’s life.

After spending a night dreaming about the difference we could make in the life of this baby girl we received a call that she would be going to stay with a family member. The good news. is this call got me thinking about our situation with girl-girl. In this world of foster care there is a very fine line between fighting for the child and fighting against the parents. The absolute goal is to work with the bio parents to achieve the best for the child. Is that easy? No. Is that always possible? No. It IS easy to get caught up in the guilt of fostering and even feel like the “bad guy” for fighting for the child to stay with you.

I was reminded of the fact that God saved girl-girl. That HE has big plans for her and that he took her out of the harmful situation she was living in and placed her in our home to thrive. What we are doing is not being the “bad guy” It is caring for girl-girl, protecting her, Loving her and fighting for her because she needs someone to take that role. We are already doing something big, we are already making a difference!