For me it has just been one of those days, well one of those weeks really, where I just feel like I can not do this. I am overwhelmed by medical bills for one broken arm, the busyness of our schedule and most of all the unique challenges that come with foster care. 

Can I really continue to take care of someone else’s child when she shows harmfull agression to others, when she is sick and constantly screaming and can not soothe herself. As I fight the desire to resent the birth parents for not being here, for not seeing her at her worst (or her best for that matter) I think would it be better if they were here? If they suddenly swooped in and became the parents they need to be in order to care for our girl-girl, could I handle it? 

Thankfully I do not have to handle any of this on my own, because let’s face it I wouldn’t have a chance. I have a Loving, All-powerful, All-pressent God walking with me. Handeling it.