As one family wakes up and prepares for a day of saying “goodbye”

Another prepares for an evening of never saying “goodbye” again

As one family packs things away in cute travel bags 

Another unpacks bedding and supplies and sets up a room

As one little girl picks out her favorite dress to wear

Another little girl picks out her favorite dress to wear

As one Momma does her little girls hair for the last time so she looks her very best

Another Momma paints her little girls nails so she looks her best 

As one family piles into the car for a drive across town 

Another anxiously sits by the window awaiting that very same car

As one family holds back the tears when they give one last hug and kiss and goodbye

Another family beams with glee that their daughter and sister is home for good


In Foster care –  in life, we can choose to focus on the pain or we can choose to see the good in each situation. Today two sisters are growing up together just as they should; sharing a beautiful pink-filled room, playing dolls, painting nails, and sliding down slides. Today a family is complete, and in that there is nothing but good, nothing but joy!