Chilly, rainy, fall has officially arrived in Wisconsin… winter unfortunately is inevitable. Don’t get me wrong, I Love all things Christmas, but the frozen-toed, snowy, winter days I could certainly do without. In preparation for this season, we have begun collecting winter jackets. Yikes, all 5 needed winter jackets this year! 

We were blessed to be able to pick out new jackets for the 3 littles from a great local non-profit that cares about foster children. I was amazed at the quality and selection they had to offer us and was ecstatic about the adorable jackets I found. When I brought them home and had the girls try them on, I instantly saw their little faces light up! This was especially true for Stella who is still new enough to be surprised when she receives new, pretty things. 

That expression of surprise and pure joy at receiving something new and “just for me” is one of the things I Love about being a foster parent. Being able to provide not only new clothing, but stability, safety, family, and the Love of Jesus is our great privilege!