Lately I have been pondering the question; is a Foster Momma’s job ever done? Does a child leave your home, with you saying “goodbye” never to think of them again, never to be involved in their life again?

I have thought about Baby almost every day since she has left our home. I have kept in touch with bio Mom, been able to encourage her and receive updates on how Baby is doing. Baby recently “graduated” from her therapy program, and is growing big, talking up a storm, and as most preschool girls are, is crazy about Dora. She is healthy, happy, and safe, and we are forever proud of this sweet girl who spent several months as part of our family one year.

Now Baby’s Mom finds herself up against a challenge. When she shared this information with me, my heart instantly broke and I was filled with guilt. Guilt that we hadn’t done enough to help her. Guilt that we had failed her. All I could do in that moment was pray. That’s when God helped me to see that my job is not done. We have not failed this family, there is simply more we need to do for them. God has provided this connection between us for all that needed to be done to help Baby and all that still needs to be done in her family.

So I say; “If you do it right a Foster Momma’s job is never done.”