I want to tell you a story, one that saddens and angers me to say is in fact a true story.

It begins with a Momma and her 3 young children out on a beautiful afternoon running errands. They made it through their first stop quite well. Everything on the list was bought, baby was sleeping, kids were happy, no one threw a tantrum. That’s what I call a successful trip to the store.

The second stop started off much the same. One of the children found a “car cart” and helped her sister inside while the Momma put the baby in. The two girls were having a great time “driving” through the store, making car noises and honking sounds and giggling all the way. Maybe their laughter and joy is why the Momma was caught so off guard by what happened next.

A man dressed in uniform blue, presumably picking out his cut of steak to grill for dinner turned to them and said “You need to shut up those N$&@ers”! The Momma stunned and shocked tried to pick her jaw up off the ground, looked around for someone, anyone, to come to the defense of these precious kiddos but there was no one in sight. All she could manage to say was “Are you kidding me? Do NOT talk to them that way” To which he responded “well that IS what they are” Momma was left speechless (which was probably better than spewing what she could have said) and walked away shaking. She turned a corner into the next aisle and kissed her kiddos telling them they were beautiful made perfectly by God.

“Are you kidding me” pretty much sums up my thoughts on this story. This is 2013, wars have been fought, rally’s have been led, people have given their lives so their children and grandchildren could be treated better than this. There is no excuse for that kind of language and that attitude to be shown to children, to anyone with different colored skin from you. It baffles me that even still today someone can actually think they are better than someone else because of the color of their skin!