As I begin this post I want to make it very clear that I am a FOSTER parent. Although we originally began this process out of a heart to adopt, I have grown to understand and see the good in reunification. I have seen how a child can safely and quickly reunify with their biological family through the help of the Foster care system. I have seen Foster families become a part of that child’s extended family and provide a great support system for the biological parents. I believe reunification is possible and wonderful when appropriate.

I have also seen reunification unable to happen. In spite of best efforts made on everyone’s part sometimes the Bio parents can not safely and effectively parent. That is when adoption comes into play.

Adoption is not a second-rate chance at life. Just the other day someone close to us told me that the court is so hesitant to terminate the rights of biological parents because they have done research to prove that a child is better off left in the very worst biological family then a good adoptive one.

Go ahead and read that last sentence again… As you can imagine I was fired up by this and spent quite a while looking for “such research” once I got home. I found nothing even close.

What I did find is this: Adopted children do as well as or better than their non-adopted counterparts, according to a 1994 study by the Search Institute, a Minneapolis-based public policy research organization.

Their Data indicates that adopted children:

Do better in educational attainment than single parent children and children raised by grandparents.

Enjoy a quality of home environment superior to all the other groups.

Have superior access to health care compared to all other groups.

No, adoption is not a second-rate chance at life. Adoption does not set a child up for failure it sets them up for success they would not have had in their biological circumstance. After all didn’t God set the most beautiful example of Adoption when we choose us for His family.