Well our big court date for Girl-girl has been postponed again! Am I disappointed, yes of course, but I have to say with each postponement it gets a bit easier to take. The waiting, as time goes on, is simply waiting for the inevitable. It becomes less of a question of IF it will happen and becomes more a matter of WHEN It will happen. 

The most difficult part of it all, is watching Girl-girl struggle through it. Watching how she doesn’t understand when we send her off to visits, and why we don’t protect her from the pain she may experience there. I want to fix all his for her, but I can not so we Love Girl-girl with all we have and we wait, knowing that our God has plans to use all this for her good in the end. 

Bubba is doing well, getting HUGE, ready to surpass Girl-girl in size any day now. He is smiling and cooing and laughing and has once or twice rolled over on accident, not yet realizing how he did that. It won’t be long before he is rolling all over the place. 

Stella has integrated with the family quite well. All the kids Love her and are enjoy playing with her. She is a sweetie and her smile would melt your heart. 

It will sure be a different around here when the big boys start school next week. There will be a bittersweet change in volume and energy and the girls will miss their big brothers like crazy. I will miss my big boys too, but might actually get something accomplished during nap time now.