Recently I met someone who had been a foster parent for a number of years. As I spoke with her about our shared experience, I quickly realized that while we did share a similar experience, we did not share the same perspective. It is very easy to become negative about the system, I have inadvertently found myself being negative at times when trying to explain the realities of the system. It’s not an easy system to navigate and the children who come through our doors are broken in need of healing, but that is why it is so important to have Christ filled foster homes!

I had the great privilege of speaking at a baby shower today that was thrown for a soon to be foster Momma. The outpouring of Love for this couple was amazing – from words of advice, to an adorable themed shower and prayers offered for this Momma and the children who will come through her door. This is one couple who I know will be supported by their church and I have no doubt that any child who comes into their home will be equally as Loved.

I know that if more Christian families would take up the God-given mandate to care for “the least of these”, and more churches would support those families and show the Love of Christ to foster children and their families, then we can transform the foster care system in our country!