I begin writing this post with full expectation of how difficult it may be to properly express my heart on this subject… Bio parents….

The longer we continue in this world of foster care, the more I empathize with the biological parents of children in the system. We all make mistakes, we are all faced with impossible decisions at one point or another. We have each seen rock bottom, or even been there ourselves. Well factors such as drug use, mental health, and domestic violence can play into the situations bio parents find themselves mixed up in, I believe the main difference between them and us is Love. You see, we have people in our lives who Love us enough to call us out when we make mistakes, to offer advice when we are facing impossible decisions, to support us so we don’t hit the bottom of the rock. The biological parents I have met through my involvement in the foster care system do not have that – have never known Love like that.

Today, while missing Baby, I got caught in a little daydream. I thought about what it would be like to have her back home here…Like a roll of film in my mind memories with her reeled through, as quickly as those memories came flooding in, the picture changed and I imagined Baby with her new family, having piggy back rides with her big sister, hugging her parents, and laughing with her cousin who she has grown very close to. It has been about 4 months since Baby left, but it feels like a lifetime! As I felt the pain between the family she had here and the family she now has, I was filled once again with empathy for these biological parents. I can only image they feel a similar pull of their hearts when they think of those who are family to their child.