When we began the foster process, it was with the heart and the intent to adopt. We never imagined we would foster beyond that, or have an open door for children to come in and out of our home. We never imagined God would use us to begin a ministry beyond what we were doing on our own. It truly was a “small beginning” and we are grateful and humbled that God has given us the “heart” and chosen to use us in that way.

Since we did initially begin this process simply to adopt (and still believe we will do so) I understand that desire. I have felt how a Momma can long for a child she has never met. I know first hand how a child born to another woman can come through your door and in an instant be “your’s”.

However, I have had a number of conversations lately with Momma’s who didn’t seem to understand the system or the kids in their care. The Foster Care system is not an adoption agency, you don’t just go in and pick a perfectly healthy baby with your ideal specifications and take them home to be yours forever. It is a process and these children have been though a world of pain many of us can not even imagine. Learning to navigate through that pain and parent them into wholeness can be a challenge.  

Still, it is a challenge worth taking for the children who come into your home and experience safety and Love (maybe for the first time in their lives). It’s a challenge worth taking for the child who came into your home broken and leaves as a whole, healthy child, filled with joy! It’s a challenge worth taking for the bio parent who you help through the most difficult time of their life and make an impact on their family forever… and it is a challenge worth taking when that little child who came into your home and felt instantly yours can truly become a part of your forever family through adoption!