Girl-girl and I have been invited to be part of a special training project for foster children and their caregivers. This is a trial program with intense training that in essence allows the caregiver to act as the therapist for their child. Our first all day training focused on child lead play and specific do’s and don’ts of this daily “special play time” 

Girl-girl is eating it up! She Loves the attention on her (of course) and I can already see how this “special play time” will enhance our bond! Our next training focuses on discipline techniques which I image won’t be quite as well received…

We are continuing to put the pieces together for this new and exciting ministry project with our licensing agency. There is a lot of work to be done and I wish I could make it happen overnight and get this thing rolling. My heart beats for the lost, the lonely, the abused, and neglected child. I just know that we the church can, and SHOULD be the difference in their lives! For updates on what we are doing follow @OneHope27 on twitter