I just read a quote by Christine Cain in which she said, “Somehow our destiny is outworked in the normality of our seemingly insignificant day to day lives. As we choose to put God first in our everyday lives and daily partake of His grace to live as we should in our every interaction, we will outwork the destiny that He has for us. It is a daily journey…one step at a time.” Such a true and honest statement and a mindset that I found myself fixed on lately.

I have been given some amazing opportunities for grater involvement with our licensing agency and all it took was my obedience with seeming insignificant things, one step at a time! Stay tuned for more information on the big undertaking God has placed on my heart and given me the support to make a reality! Hint… It has a lot to do with James 1:27.

On the flip side, my Momma’s heart so desires to see leaps and bounds, not just daily steps in the cases for our kiddos. Both cases are moving at a snails pace, both with setbacks that can seem daunting and never ending – if that is what we choose focus on. It is easy to get upset, to look at others around you who have had “easier” cases, who have sent their child on the last visit with bio parents and have brought them home, forever, and wonder why our road has been so tough and so long. I could easily choose to focus on all those things and wallow in a dark place of fear, but I choose to take one step at a time trusting God’s plan. Trusting that destiny for our Girl-girl and for Bubba is to be safe, Loved, to grow to know Him, and fulfill His plans for their lives. I believe with all my heart that we are a part of this destiny. So again today I choose to put one step in front of the other to carry out my seemingly insignificant tasks in obedience and anticipation of all the end of this particular journey holds!