Last week I received a beautiful picture of Baby, decked out in Brewers gear at her first game wearing that face lighting smile of her’s! It was so good to “see” her, I have missed that smile so much! She has adjusted nicely and is well on her way to being that whole, healthy girl we’ve worked and prayed for her to be! No matter what role we play in Baby’s future we will be forever proud of her and forever Love her.

Today I talked to Baby’s Bio Mom, she is working so hard to herself be healthy and whole! Next week she takes her test for her GED and I told her that when she passes we will take her out to dinner to celebrate! Her priceless reply was “You would do that? That means so much, I’m gunna go tell my Mom right now.” 

Some people may be a part of your life for just awhile but your impact can last forever. That is my prayer for the kids and families brought to us through foster care. The impact we’ve made  with Baby’s Bio Mom encourages me to keep trying with the other Bio Mom(s) in our life.