It’s happened, I have completely fallen head over heals for this baby boy! As I write he is here laying right by me, drifting off to sleep, looking like a little angel. I am done for…

We all Love Bubba, the boys are thrilled to have another boy in the house and are constantly asking to hold ths little 6 pound wonder. Girl-girl is adjusting as all youngest children do when a new little one comes along. One minute she is kissing Bubba and wanting to help feed him, the next minute she is on the ground in tears… But she will get there, she will adjust to Bubba and before we know it she’ll have him wrapped around her little finger (and probably dressed in doll clothes for a tea party or something of that sort)

We hear that Baby is doing well and contines to adjust to her new home. I talked with her Bio Mom today, it was so great to hear her voice and to know we still have a place in her life! We are proud of her, we Love her and want to see her thrive!