My heart stopped for a moment today while grocery shopping. I saw her (or so I, for a moment thought) a little girl with a similar completion to Baby was walking towards us wearing Baby’s coat. Aidan even noticed and mentioned that he thought that little girl was Baby. Gosh we miss her!

There will be a time for us to see her again to have a place in her life again but for now she needs the break. She needs the time to cultivate a healthy bond with her new family before we confuse her by throwing us back in the mix. But oh how I wish that time was now, oh how I wish I could hug her and see that big smile light up her face!

We thought we were going to add another little one to our family story this week but that quickly changed.. Welcome to the always changing world of foster care. I know I can’t selfishly revel in the ease of having 3 kids forever…. Have I mention how I easy it is to only have 3 kids?!