This morning Baby woke up at her new home. I have no doubt that she was greeted by the faces of her family members so full of joy that she is home! Baby will do very well there, she will thrive there! 

Pulling away as I dropped her off yesterday was heart wrenching. The tears caught me off guard as well as the question of “Will that hug that I just gave her be enough to last until the next time I see her, whenever that will be?” Even now that thought catches in my throat and the sadness lingers there. Goodbyes are never easy no matter how positive the outcome of them may be. 

For now, I will relish in the “ease” of only having 3 children and completely enjoy them. We will cuddle, we will play in the sun (that seams to have finally shown up this spring)  they might even convince me to play the dreaded Chutes and Ladders game…