The longer I am a part of this foster care process, the more I not only see change – I change. Most recently my heart has been softened towards the more difficult bio parents I have to interact with. I had an experience the last couple days that caused me to see the humanity in one of our bio moms. She is not a villain who I need to overcome, she is a hurting person who has no idea what real Love is like.

The truth is, if I am Loving her daughter and not her, I am not doing my job as a foster parent and I am not doing my job as a Christ follower! I am grateful for the situation that made it easy for me to Love this bio mom this weekend. I commit to trying harder to Love her (knowing she doesn’t often make this an easy feat) because Loving others is our responsibility, our privilege.

If hurting people hurt people, than think of what those who have been Loved can do!