This is a post that I am not sure how to write… I have been going over ideas in my head, things to say, and yet I am still at a loss for the right words.

This month we say goodbye to Baby. We are thrilled about where she is going and have been blessed to see God’s hand in it. However, transitions – changes are always tough. It will be tough for Baby to leave us and it will be tough for us to let her go (even though we know it is right).

But here’s the thing, it SHOULD be tough for us to let her go. If it is not emotional seeing her leave our home then we have not done our job as foster parents. Baby will be leaving a home where she has been Loved as a daughter, as a sister, a grandchild, and a cousin!

So as we prepare to say goodbye and send Baby on with special remembrances and all our Love, we also look forward to what God has in store for us next. Do we have more Love to give? Yes. Do we open our hearts and home again to a child who might not stay? absolutely!