I am fresh off of a new experience.. Going to Chuck E Cheese on Milwaukee’s South side. Who knew that they did not play “The Hokie Pokie” When Chuck E comes out at every location, at some (such as this one) They play “The Cupid Shuffle” (which may explain Girl-girls great Love for that jam)

This experience proved to not only be a good dose of cultural diversity, it was also the highlight of my week. I was compeled and privileged to bring Baby to Chuck E Cheese today to meet up with her Bio Mom. Watching them interact and connecting on a more personal level with Bio Mom was priceless! Holding Baby’s hand as she bounced up and down with glee while her other Mom held on to her other hand is a picture that will forever be with me. 

In the often difficult and thankless world of foster care, today was a gift for all of us!