Have I mentioned that I am a control freak? I REALLY like to know how to plan and what to expect…

Insert the Flu, and all control in our house goes out the window. Currently it has hit 4 of us, starting with Kevin and I at nearly the same moment. We joked that having the flu at the exact same time is like reaching a whole new level of intimacy in marriage. After washing and disinfecting everything I had high hopes it would stop with us, then came 2:00 this morning and a sick Aidy followed by 7:30 and a sick Baby. No control whatsoever. 

There has also been developments in both of the girls cases that I want to be able to plan for and control. I have racked my brain for ways to do that this week, and have come up empty. After sitting through a required foster care class last night, I realized that I have been trying to control something and make decisions that are not mine to make at this point. My need for control and having things all figured out had been trying to overshadow my heart for foster care.