What a busy week it has been, from school, and church, Christmas parties, court, a little pink eye with colds, home visits with case managers, St Nick’s day and Girl-girls birthday- and in the midst of it all my heart is full of gratitude! 

I am full of gratitude that court went better than expected, that it went in the direction we were praying for. Every other 6 month court check up you sit in front of a court commissioner rather than a judge. Typically the commissioner will not change any order that the judge has placed. Knowing this we had been praying that God would do the unexpected, and we saw Him come through and do just that! This particular commissioner was very thorough as she went through the details of the case and due to the lack of change on bio parents side did FINALLY change the order on the case to be moving in our direction. Although our case was already moving that way it is now on paper! Yay! 

I am full of gratitude that although our lives our crazy with a  house full of 4 children, I finally have that big family I always wanted! As I set out stocking for St Nick’s day I was thrilled at the sight of all 6 of them! 

I am full of gratitude to see the unbreakable bond grow even stronger between our boys and Girl-girl. Recently Ry has become Girll-girl’s go to person in our family. The minute he is home from school she wants to be with him, even sitting on his chair next to him as he does his homework. He has taught her to beatbox and spin through the air with him. He even put her to bed one night this week (The only night she actually stayed in her bed because he told her to). This bond they share, this connection is priceless, there are no words to properly express how full my heart is watching the way they Love each other. As I watch them, I picture Ry in high school driving Girl-girl to a movie she has been begging him to go see with her, I picture Ry questioning the first boy who comes to pick her up for a date knowing he will never be good enough for her. While Ry and Girl-girl share a very unique bond, she is also crazy for Aidan. I captured a picture of Girl-girl snuggled up to Aidan while watching a show this week and it mad this Momma’s heart smile! 

My heart is full of gratitude as we have finally been able to get the ball rolling on services to help Baby continue to heal. We have seen her make big strides recently, she is now so connected to Kevin that she would clearly choose him over me. She has even begun picking up new words, my favorite is “Melp” (Milk). I know with the tools that we will be given by these professionals, and with the many prayers that are being said for Baby, she will grow to be a whole and healthy girl!

Finally my heart is full of gratitude having the privilege of celebrating another birthday with Girl-girl! As our case moves forward and progresses (at a snails pace) and as our faith assures us that Girl-girl will be a part of this family forever, I also recognize that nothing legally keeps Girl-girl with us. To know that there is even a slight possibility that she could not spend her 3rd birthday with us causes us to cherish what we have and to celebrate with her all the more. I have been blessed to be Momma to Girl-girl through her 1st birthday, through her 2nd birthday and I believe that her 3rd birthday will be the sweetest yet! The best is yet to come for Girl-girl, for Baby – for all of us!