This morning something magical happened. I watched with a smile from ear to ear as Baby and Ry shared a few special moments, as baby sat on him and pounced him. Ry playfully overreacted to the minor hurt it caused and Baby laughed and laughed, such a great moment!

It was a great moment to witness, not only because Baby was having such a good time, but because Ry was too! Fostering is not just something Kevin and I do, it is something the whole family is a part of! Our boys have the privilege and responsibility of showing Love to these girls, just as we do.

It is not always easy for the boys to share our time and our attention with these little girls who come in and invade their home with little warning. What God has called us to, He has also called them to, and I am grateful that they accept that and accept these girls with open arms! We Love our girls, when Our boys also Love these girls it provides them not just with parents, but with a family!