We are now over a month in with baby, and we are finally settling into a rhythm around here! Things are feeling more manageable and predictable which in turns helps me feel a lot more sane!

We had a busy week with appointments for both girls and I Loved it. It was great being able to schedule these appointments without the concern of any outside work interference. I am blessed to stay home with all these kiddos and take pride in Loving on them and keeping the house in order as my daily job.

One of the appointments we had this week was a home visit with Girl-girl’s case worker. At this visit she gave us a more in-depth explanation of where things are at with the case. Things are moving forward (slower than molasses) but we still have a long haul ahead of us. If all goes as expected it will be close to 2 years before we can officially call Girl-girl “ours”. That thought is daunting, it is exciting, it is ridiculous and maddening, but it is also full of hope. This will not go on forever, there will be a day when I can say to noisy bystanders, that yes she is ours! Oh what a day that will be!