In the past 24 hours, we have added to our family 1 sweet little girl.

We received an emergency placement call yesterday about a 2 (going on 3) year old girl who needed a Loving home for a while. She arrived before I was able to go to the store for the necessary supplies. She instantly clung to me, so I left the rest of the kids with Kevin and went off to the store with her. I am sure people thought I had just stolen this beautiful little girl as my cart was full of diapers, clothes, a crib mattress and car seat, and all the while she is calling “Mommy, Mommy”. 

We got back home and started dinner, that is when it dawned on me that there is no way this little girl could be almost 3. She is only somewhat bigger than girl-girl. I looked through her paperwork to find her birth date and sure enough she is actually 1 (going on 2). In fact she is actually 2 weeks younger than girl-girl! We might as well have twins. 

That changed the dynamic of things around here quickly and abruptly. Girl-girl suddenly became the big girl and is even sleeping in the big girl (toddler) bed. She is calling this new little one “baby” because after all girl-girl was here first. This “baby” that came into our lives yesterday is noticeably bigger than her “big” foster sister. I Love the humor surrounding all of this. 

Baby is adjusting in some ways better than others. She was exposed to very little where she was before she came here. She has no idea what to do with toys and didn’t even know how to go down a slide. It was heartbreaking realizing that, but so rewarding seeing her smile as she figured it out! 

We don’t know how long Baby will be with us, but we do know that while she is here she will be Loved. She will be given the experiences that all little ones should. She will have toys to play with, play dates, trips to the park and the Zoo. She will be exposed to a family who will take care of her needs and pray over her, and we know God will use all this to impact her life in ways we may never know.