I had a break in sanity for a brief moment this week – I actually considered adding a dog to our family. A low in dander, cute, cuddly, trained dog. I don’t know how this happened and I am glad I snapped out of it quickly enough to recant my original excitement about this idea.

This week I was asked to be involved in a mentoring program for our licensing agency. I will be responsible for communicating and troubleshooting with a group of foster parents and will also have one specific foster parent to connect with personally. I am extremely humbled and excited about this opportunity to make a bigger impact in the “world of foster care.” I have been burdened to do more for a while now, but did not know what that would look like. I have gotten involved, spoken up, written blogs (one of which will be posted by our licensing agency soon) and waiting for an opportunity to arise. I can’t wait to see how God uses all of this in the lives of others.

On a side note Aidan and girl-girl got married this week… I am in for a wild ride with those two…