Well school is now in full swing and we are fitting quite nicely back into a schedule. Today was just a typical day in the life of a Momma and her 3 kids! We got Ryan off to school, went grocery shopping (this was a 3 store stop kind of week) got home, baked a cake, put girl-girl down for nap/Aidan “rest” time, cleaned the house, played “Pirate Trip” with girl-girl and Aidan, picked up Ryan from school, got homework done, picked up pizza for dinner (because Dominos was having an anniversary sale) ate dinner all together, went to a PTA meeting, came home kissed the kids asleep in their beds, paid bills and balanced the check book, and I sit heer now writing to you with the Packer game on in the background. Sound like a crazy day to you? For me, it was another successful day in the life of a Momma, a full, blessed life!