It is that time again. That time of year when our daily routine makes a major shift from the warm, schedule free, sibling rivalry of summer to the cooler temperature, school schedule-induced fall. Next week I will send BOTH my boys off to school and revel in the biter-sweetness of it all. The leaves are already beginning to change and before we know it we will be pulling out jackets and boots.

We are also seeing a change in season with girl-girl’s case. After 17+ months of playing the good, supportive and cooperative foster parent role I have had enough. I have seen no change in bio parents and have been the only one at this point involved in the case long enough to see their patterns repeat. I’ve come to realize that no one else is fighting for girl-girl so it needs to be me! Watch out world here I come…

Fortunately as a result of my fight, in-spite of my fight, either way, the curtain is being pulled back and things have been brought to light over the past month. Things that are getting attention and are making it look very good for us! I along with other members of our family have been praying for a big unexpected break, and friends I believe it is here!

This break, this hope, lends itself to a season of peace for us. Seasons such as this tend to show you how/if your faith has grown. It can be almost easier to pray audacious prayers of faith when everything is going wrong and somehow much harder when things start going as you had hoped. We have learned better! We have learned that our prayers need to be just as fervent in a season such as this. That our faith depends on it.