Today we walked into what we expected to be a completely positive court date. With girl-girl spending the amount of time she has with us, and bio parents not complying with their court orders we were all but assured that this would be a turning point. I regrettably write tonight about a court date gone wrong.

It seems that today everything was stacked against us, stacked against girl-girl. Not only was the assigned District Attorney not there, to be replaced for this date by someone who admit-ably did not know the history of the case. we were also met but an entirely unprepared and unassertive case manager. Claims and arguments were made, some untruthful, some unjustified, others without a doubt the truth.

The saddest part is that in all this mess girl-girl is not given a voice. Not one of the vocal players in court today spoke on her behalf or in her best interest. I had to restrain myself from standing up in the back of the court room and saying “what does this mean for girl-girl and have you thought about how this or that will affect her?” Or simply what that person is saying is not true, when in fact this is what happened….

As Foster Parents we are often treated as the insignificant ones in this equation. We are there to provide basic needs and not ruffle too many feathers. I would love to see more rights given to us the ones who are consistently here for these kids! I was floored by a comment the judge made today that so completely degraded us and all that we are doing for girl-girl.

So tonight, we sit broken and saddened by a broken system that thinks too little of the children in care. Children who face pain and loss everyday. Pain that can not truly begin to heal until their long drawn out case came come to a close.