Happy Mother’s day to all you Mommas out there! For the second year, I get the privilege of celebrating as Momma to my two crazy boys and to girl-girl! Being Momma to my kids is a fulfillment of many dreams, a dream that in particular brought us girl-girl. On a day like today I am grateful that God has brought her here to be a part of our family, while also realizing that I am not the only Mom in her life. No matter what happens this Momma will be a part of girl-girl’s story and her bio Mom will also be a part of her story. 

Today I am also thankful for our new home that we woke up in and have spent the afternoon enjoying. We are Loving the unpacking and getting settled and Loving the way our home is turning out. This house is also a fulfillment of a dream we have had, it is a great fit for our family! 

I do not have any big updates on the case with girl-girl. Things have just been trudging along pretty much the same as they have been. Bio Mom has not done anything different and bio Dad has once again moved in and out of the picture. I expect we will know more after our next perm plan court date next month, but hey no news is good news!