In this journey through Fostering to Adopt we have learned so much. One thing I have come to realize is that this is a backwards way of going about things in this system. The Foster care system is not in place in order to give children new families (although that is often times needed and can be the end result) the system is in place to try and heal and reunify families. 

I have had to deal with the “guilt” over fighting for girl-girl to stay with our family a feeling I could have never expected. There are times when I give in more to Bio Parents due to this “guilt” and there are times when I fight more because I know God has a big work to complete, a work He began by bringing girl-girl here!

There have been some recent developments in Bio Dad’s favor that at times terrify me. Does he Love girl-girl, yes! Will he do his best to take care of her, yes. Will that be good enough, I don’t know. What I do know is that she would not be raised in a Godly home, and she would loose us, her family since three months of age. I believe with all my heart that God had bigger reasons for bringing her to our home and that as His word promises He will be faithful to complete what He started!