It has been a while since my last blog post. Our lives have been crazy with house projects, kids and did I mention house projects? I am learning that most work on your house costs twice as much as expected and takes three times as long to complete. Thankfully we are blessed with the time to get things done before we move in, and it sure will be beautiful when it is all said and done! I can’t wait to bring my kids home to “Our home” to stay! 

Last week was Spring break and although a lot of time was taken working on the house we made sure to break away for some family fun! We spent an afternoon at StoneFire Pizza where we gorged ourselves on every kind of kid favorite food we could find, got drenched at the toddler water table, started a war in Ball City and watched girl-girl dance her heart out on the dance dance revolution floor!

We also made a trip to the Zoo and ran into girl-girl’s sister and her family. It was great to see them there and enjoy the rest of our time together. It struck me that had we never reached out to begin a relationship with this family, with girl-girl’s sister and her family, we would have never even known she was there. We would have seen this adorable three year old running around laughing with her brother and her Mom and Dad and have no idea that she was girl-girl’s sister! That relationship, the connection they share is so important for these girls. We have been able to give them something they should have grown up with but in a situation like this they could have very easily missed out on.