This Friday we experienced something that we had feared would never happen, we closed on our first home! It was clear that God was in this entire process and we are more than grateful for what we have been blessed with! We pray that those involved with making this a reality for us would in turn be blessed. 

Friday night we were enjoying our weekly “family night” with some dinner, basketball and painting at the new place. Before I knew it, my new home had become a demolition zone due to a room full of paneling coming down. One thing led to another and as it turns out there is a minor remolding job ahead. Welcome to homeownership Ganiere’s…

This weekend also brought the 3rd birthday of girl-girl’s biological sister. We celebrated with her family and close friends and marveled at the connection these sisters share. We are grateful to have been welcomed into the family of girl-girl’s sister, and to harbor the bond of two sisters which in a situation like this could easily be lost. To see girl-girl’s sister come running to hug her and take her by the hand to play in incomparable joy is priceless.

 What a weekend it has been!