One year ago today we got the call about our girl-girl and in less than 2 hours she came home for the first time. It was a long night, and long days to follow adjusting to each other and numbing ourselves to her ‘Mariah Carey’ octave cries. Girl-girl needed to know and feel that we Loved her and would take care of her and not abandon her.

One year later, girl-girl is no doubt a part of this family. She knows we Love her, just incase there should ever be a question we tell her multiple times a day with our words and hugs and kisses. We have learned to handle that vocal octave of her’s and girl-girl has learned to keep up with her brothers and even put them in their place from time to time.

We celebrated this milestone today by keeping to our typical routine. We didn’t throw a party, we didn’t buy anything special. We enjoyed a normal day together believing that there are countless normal days to come. Countless normal days to enjoy with our girl-girl.